Present yourself to the world with confidence. Whether starting out in your new career or re-inventing your life, The Way to Style offers a range of services that help you define your personal style and to make a great first impression.


Closet Organization


Your personal stylist will help you build a curated wardrobe of flattering outfits. They will make it easier for you to dress for any and every occasion by decluttering and organizing your closet.  

Your stylist will:

  • Assess your closet and determine what no longer fits or is in style, sorting into categories what to keep, what to alter and what to donate or sell.

  • Develop a shopping strategy to determine what key pieces to buy for your updated, complete wardrobe.

  • Help you understand the shapes, fabrics, and colors that flatter you best, all while helping you understand what to look for when shopping on your own. 

Personal shopping


New York City Area

After the decluttering of your closet and assessing what essential wardrobe pieces to keep and what needs to be purchased, the shopping experience begins.

  • Your stylist will help you find the integral pieces that will complete your wardrobe.

  • If you’re one to avoid long hours at malls and stores, your stylist stylist can shop for you, bring selected items back to your home, and return what you don't want. 

  • Our stylists aim to create the ideal shopping experience for you, creating a curated program that will lead to a perfect set of clothes.

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The Way to Style is based in New York City, but we offer virtual image consulting service through a personalized virtual makeover and shopping service.

  • Contact us for a free 15 minute video consultation. Once we’ve determined your personal style needs, we will send a questionnaire and work with you to develop timeless looks that suit your lifestyle, your career and your goals.

  • Your stylist will ask you to photograph favorite key pieces that you already own, in order to develop a unique closet makeover program made just for you.

  • From there, your stylist will create a curated style guide providing shopping suggestions to complement your closet with new pieces from online stores.

Style Guide


After your closet transformation and personal shopping experience, your stylist will create a personalized digital style guide that aims to keep your makeover constantly modern and updated.

Your stylist will:

  • Take photos of the key wardrobe pieces you already own and your new purchases.

  • Show you how to use your purchases to create chic wardrobe looks, from day casual to evening formal.

  • Create a Style Guide with a variety of looks from your newly updated wardrobe.